India’s Anganwadi

The best way to show gratitude towards humanity is to feed hunger. There are several countries where people can afford only a single meagre meal. Thousands die due to starvation and lakhs due to malnourishment, especially kids who are younger than five.

To prevent such scenarios in our country, Indian government has taken efforts to eradicate hunger and has fed umpteen kids, preventing death by starvation. Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), sponsored by the State Government, also termed as ‘Anganwadi’ are centres facilitates mother and child care, and basic health care in rural areas of India. A country can be enriched only if women and children are healthy, so ICDS makes sure that proper supervision is focussed on them. The Anganwadis provide primary health care to both the mother and the child right from foetus stage until it reaches six years. Special concentrations are always made on lower income groups where underprivileged pregnant woman can`t afford regular check-ups.

          There are valuable services made for them which are both reasonable and approachable for rural people. Anganwadi workers also come from in and around the same area, they have a better understanding about the women in that particular locality as their struggles and challenges they face are familiar with their wants and needs.There is always a helping hand for these meek people to protect them. It`s burdensome for mothers to leave their toddlers at home when they are out for work and they work to meet their daily needs. As they cannot even afford to pay for crèche, these Anganwadi takes good care by providing mid-day meals with an egg and once in a week they are given sprouts which are a good source of iron and proteins,  such commodities being a far reach for their parents. Kids are engaged with pre-school activities and with simple games. 




          A typical Anganwadi centre provides basic healthcare in Indian villages and backward areas, it is also a part of Indian Public Healthcare Association. They are expanding their wings by giving sanitary education to girls and providing them with free napkins. They also create awareness among couples about family planning and usage of contraceptives. Pregnant woman are given special care, both pre-natal and post-natal care, before delivery regular check-ups are provides with vitamin and iron tablets, added to that supplementary health mix powders are also given, to ensure that both mother and baby are with haleness. When it is with post-natal care, babies are vaccinated and polio drops are given to these kids. Mothers are taught the importance of breast feeding and its health benefits. Their fundamental motto is to create a better as well as healthier future.



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