Akasa Singh Collaborates With Pop Icon Ricky Martin On A Duet
Yes you heard it right! Akasa Singh releases a duet with Pop Icon Ricky Martin for his recent smash hit reggae ton single ‘Vente... more
Tata Sky 'Hollywood Winners
With the Oscars just around the corner, it is that time of the year when you want to run down memory lane to recall ‘What were the earlier masterpieces that made it to the Oscars?’ OR ‘I wish I could watch that Oscar nominated... more
Dubbed serials –Boon or Bane?
Have you all watched your favourite serial today ? We guess everyone are nodding their heads very enthusiastically . Yes! we all like serials and infact we all are fond of it... more
Discovery Channel's new series WALKING THE NIL
It's known as a holy grail in exploration because its sheer length alone contributes to its timeless mystery. The Nile, the planet's longest river, is a life source to six African countries... more
Cartoons carry children away
Toddlers and children are so busy than the adults, because they are more busy watching cartoons. Parents are to be blamed for this, because, in order to free themselves from mischievous behaviors of their... more
Badshah reveals the name of his new album
Today while at the Facebook office rapstar Badshah disclosed the name of the soon to be released album Original Never Ends- ONE. Badshah... more
Anirudh releases his 2017 Valentine’s Day track
Multi talented Anirudh who is known to release a single every valentines day , today along with sony music released a synth pop track ‘Onnume Aagala’.... more
Selena Gomez Reveals “It Ain’t Me”
Selena and Kygo revealed the single cover for their forthcoming collaboration “It aint Me”. The song marks the first release... more
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