Dubbed serials –Boon or Bane?

Have you all watched your favourite serial today ? We guess  everyone are nodding their heads very enthusiastically . Yes! we all like serials and infact we all are fond of it . without watching our favourite serials we fell that our day is not at all full filled. But when i say the word serials does we all think or speak about our own regional language serials. definitely NO ! obviously we all are addicted to watching the other language dubbing serials .  

The main reason behind watching dubbing serials is very exactly their grand production of the serials such as their grand outfit , jewelleries , grand sets and their popularity in them . All the serials are inculcated in a healthy competition among themselves in order to raise their TRP levels. so , naturally all the serials excel in these categories . they also have an unique screenplay in them which differs from our regional language serials . our serials are always based on caste problems , mother in law & daughter in law quarrels , property issues and extra marital affairs .and most significantly our serials lack in extra vagancies such as outfits and sets . Whereas dubbing serials are based on a different storyline based on super natural thrillers , epics , historical dramas and all time favourite romances , which attracts the youngsters.also in a high amount. most of all their grand gestures add a special flavour to their serials. above all those things we all can learn about their culture and tradition also.

OK . all of us know about the making of our dubbing serials. But how many of us are aware of the fact that it is a great curse to our regional artists.YES IT IS ! many of us dont know the other side of our dubbing serials . Due to the telecast of dubbing serials in our state , there prevails a great loss of employment to our artists and labours who work for our regional serials. Many of them has lost their living and committed suicide due to loss of their jobs . The only people who are beneficial in the telecast of dubbing serials are the DUBBING ARTIST who gives translated voice to the artist and also the translators . its not enough if only one set of people gets employed . even those who are indulged in the current regional serials are also suffering from loss of their projects . eventhough there are a no. of protests have been done so far there is no use of it . it is very sad to see that the television artists and the labours are struggling to retain their job while the big screen cine artists enjoy a luxurious and prosperous job .

 As a fan and citizen of TAMILNADU it is our responsibility to help every people of our own locality . if we stop seeing the dubbing serials , then automatically all those serials will go off air and our own serials will comes back to its place . so all of must put our hands together to replace our serials to its own place and reform the lives of our tele artists and labours .all of them are artists. There should  no distinguishing between serial and cinema artists .. All should be treated  the same way only .










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