Nightingale of Nanganallur- Rangamani

Mrs. Rangamani was born into musical family.  .  Her  family is entrenched in deep  musical traditions.  A graduate in  Carnatic  music from the renowned Trivandrum music college , music is her passion, and breath. Big names in  Carnatic   music      Gottuvadyam Narayana Iyengar   and   Srinivas the famous play back singer are her relatives.   No wonder she is swimming in the world of music.  An aficionado in music Rangamani   is teaching music  for all age groups  for past many years.

She is also very net savvy for she is taking on line classes to her students who are spread through out the world. A net  guru  her knowledge in music is as deep as the  ocean.She is well versed in rendering songs of many composers.



Mrs. Rangamani who is a senior citizen says that music is the one which is accompanying her in her leisure.    She exclaims that teaching music gives her happiness in her life.  . Ms.Rangamani teaches music to the senior citizens   in her house. Music wafts in the air  when one enters her house . her house reverberates with divine chants which is a feast to the ears. She has spent almost six decades swimming the sea of music.

She and her neighbors have started a music group “Devi”. This music group is teaching the slogans, hymns of Gods. The “Devi” group is teaching music to the senior citizens and children for the free of cost. These group members perform bajans in the temples. Mrs Rangamani says that her “Devi” members sing songs in tem ples. The voice of Mrs.Rangamani is enchanting  She  renders many slokas set to music. many     o .She signs off saying that any music is a stress buster     and calms the mind..d


  1. P. Gladis Kiruba Belsi
  2. R. Maheswari
  3. S. Suchitra
  4. S. Poornima
  5. G. Shali menancy
  6. M.P. Kaviya
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