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Are you a higher secondary student completing your schooling this year? If yes, then have a look at this here are a few unique courses that might suit your passion.


If you are someone who always carry a camera with you and love capturing the beauty of life then photography is the right choice. Such passionate photographers can become professional photographers by opting for courses like Bsc Photography. Such courses focuses on elaborating photography principles to students and train them so that they perfect their skill of photo-taking. The subjects covered by this course includes photo-editing, light manipulation, designing etc. The subject variety varies from Institution to Institution but they all retain certain basics like history of photography. Students pursuing this degree course are asked to make print folios as a part of their educational program. They are also trained in soft skills and communication skills.


Students who love sketching and colouring and are waiting  for guidance to excel in their skills can choose BA DRAWING AND PAINTING for their undergraduate course. This three years course bestow the students with needed professional skills. It helps students distinguish and identify textures and colors. The subjects encompassed by this degree course includes typography, portrait painting, figure composition etc. The course enables the students to come up with paintings that represent real textures and help them make their paintings close to original yet unique.


This course provides career in coaching and physical training. This bachelor degree offers specialization in topics such as Sports Science, Coaching etc. The course duration is often 3-4 years.


You can obtain either diploma, bachelor's, master's and even PhD in physiotherapy. Bachelor in physiotherapy unlike other science courses extends over a time period of four and half years with six months mandatory internship. Here students if prefer,  can proceed with specialization after pursuing their degree. The specializations include pulmonatory physiotherapy, musculoskeletal etc. There are around 250 colleges in India offering an undergraduate program in physiotherapy.



Knowledge of computer programming languages and codings combined with passion defines Ethical Hackers. Many companies today look for ethical hackers to maintain their security. Institutes like INDIAN SCHOOL OF ETHICAL HACKING offers various courses in ethical hacking.


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