Exam time tips for students

In this fastrack world everyone undergoes stress in one way or the other. Though students’ life is considered to be the happy life when students face their board exams they usually get more pressure from parents, teachers and from their surroundings. Here are some tips to help the students to perform well in their examination. The tips are as follows:

  • Students should drink plenty of water to prevent them from getting dehydrated.   
  • Junk foods should be totally avoided because they may affect their health.
  •  Regular meditation increases the concentration of students.
  • Fruits and vegetables to be included in their diet because they give more energy to the body and has more nutrition in it.
  • Students should not miss out their sleep, due to the exam pressure. They should have a sound sleep of about 6-8 hours.
  • Should follow an effective time table to revise their subject effectively.
  •  Students should take extra pens with them to the exam hall.
  • Go through the question paper thoroughly.
  • Students should answer the known questions first.
  • Presentation in the answer sheet may fetch more marks.
  • Students should allot time correctly for every section in the question paper.
  • Students should not discuss answers with their friends before going to the exam hall, because it may create last minute tension.
  • While preparing for the exams students should sit in the place where they get adequate sunlight and less sound.
  • Students should understand their potential and act according to it, they should not compare themselves with their friends.
  • Students should answer all the questions in the question paper, because it may fetch them more marks.

These tips can help the students to face their examination with confidence.


  1. S. Poornima
  2. R. Maheshwari
  3. P.Gladys Kiruba Belsi
  4. M. P. Kaviya
  5. S. Suchitra
  6. T. S. Gangothri




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