School life vs college life


As I grew up, I had to continue my studies from my local school to one of the finest institutions in my city. It seem a very long ride already and if I turn back to see my memories, there’s a lot of differences and of course, happy moments throughout.

If you’re planning to leave for college soon, you might be probably wondering what it is to be in a college. For the starters, every one of us felt overwhelmed when we entered the campus and the best part – No one made it out without a tear during the farewell.

Let me spread the cards on the table,

Life in a college

College changed my way of thinking and my social life was completely changed. I lived with my parents till I was around 17 in one of the isolated parts of the country where there was no social hangouts or entertainment. And being a girl, we have the curfew of 7pm at Home which made me miss witnessing the rare light–music show during a New Year eve or the night hangouts on the nearest beach.  But during my college, I was living away from my parents in a hostel that was in the heart of the city having all restaurants you see highly rated in the Zomato app. And even during the night, my locality was filled with people buzzing. Now that the curfew has been lifted, I hang out as often I want. I had a big girls circle and a lot of places to crash around during the evenings. Most of them were from my college. Here’s the interesting thing about my campus, there’s no gang who just mingle with their own kind of people. In a college, you get to meet a lot of people who have different attitude and thought process, many of them might even be from another state or a country, but in the end you learn your differences and still live on with the new found friendships. There’s no cultural restriction nor a disciplinary rulebook about what to wear or how to look. College pretty much allows you to keep that shoulder length hair, rolled sleeves Tees, ripped jeans.

The flipside of the story is that you must be responsible for whatever you do. You have a fixed amount of money for the month and you get to spend only what is there. You have to wash your dresses, iron your clothes, clean your vessels and feel homesick whenever you taste the college food.

Life in a school

First impression is the best impression they say and school life is the place where we get our first learning, friends, teacher, homework and punishment. Schools days are the golden days where we get many friends, enjoy their company, share our happy and sad moments. The lunch we share with our friends, the tiffin our parents prepare for each of us, the gossips we have can never be replaced. School moulds us as a disciplined and knowledgeable person. We have our favourite teacher who plays a major role in our life. Other than our parents it is that teacher who praises, supports and sometimes scolds on mistakes and guides us on the right path. School events like picnics, inter school competitions, sports day and annual day are unforgettable. Doesn’t matter, whether we make our participation or not we will enjoy those moments incredibly. Being grown up [we have many advantages but still school time is the best and incomparable.

It is only in school days we enjoy life without any worries and enjoy long vacations. Recollecting our school days gives us the most and best memories ever.

College life and the School life are the essential ingredients of anyone’s life. May be “Sugar and Spice and everything nice” is not only for the Power-puff girls after all.



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