Art of story telling

      The art of storytelling is something difficult and complex, reserved only for certain skilled members of society? If u think so  it couldn’t be farther  truth. The skills necessary to tell a story can be acquired through practice and with the right  perspective  everyone can become a master in storytelling.  At  the workshop, they have grouped us into teams .Each team had one story teller. We went to our respected room with our story teller. Her name was Mabeenn. She  started telling us some stories. It wasn’t just like a lecture as we thought at first. She brought many voice modulation according to the characters in her story. For instance, when there came a tree in her story she sat like a tree and then she shook her hands up and down as if to appear like a tree which is trembling in the wind. People will forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel. In that quote (often attributed to Carl Buechner) is the truth about the art of storytelling. Touching people’s hearts is at the centre of engagement. For me she has appeared like an enchantress. She just tied us in our seats. Then she begun to tell us about the art of story telling.  Every story that is told has a foundation, or structure.  For example, one of the most basic story structures is “it begins, something happens, and it ends.”  But a story's structure can be complex, and if used well you’re not even aware of it.

Adapting to the audiences is very important for effective storytelling, for the audience has a very important role to play. A good storytelling involves deep interaction between the teller and the listener. She involved us in her stories. She gave  some characters and want us to enact them in our own perspective. We just enjoyed it. Personally I have fear of facing the audiences. But after attending that session i came out of my fear. She has engaged us with a question and put us in the centre of the story. In this way she has created a first-hand experience in narrative within us. Most of the time we started to lose our attention during lectures .But with the attention spans getting shorter and more demanding, Storytelling has become more difficult. People are not good at visualizing things and imagine independently. So your storytelling skills should be strong and immaculate to lock the attention of the audiences. One should not lose the original flavour and essence of the story. Even when narrating an old and well known story, one can use their imagination to make the story come across as fresh and alive, using your imagination. The true Storytelling art aims at keeping the storyline brief and simple and taking the story as close as you can to your audience. Stimulate their senses so that they are able to use their imagination to feel, smell, touch and listen, visualizing vivid pictures. When telling story to an audience of mixed ages, you should aim the story at the younger one's. It is the contact between the storyteller and story listeners that make a story come to life. As much as you enjoy creating the experience, you should also enjoy reliving the experience in your stories.  


            Iswarya Raghavan, S.L.Preethi, S.Banupriya, T.Lakshmi, Kalki, Yeashisha dincy, P. Catherinejoyce

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