Raconteur Ambujavalli

We all enjoy a good story, whether it’s a novel, a movie or simply something one of our friends is explaining to us that they’ve experienced. Good plots tell complete stories. They are interesting, exciting and ultimately satisfying. They may mystify but ultimately create revelation and understanding. A truly great story helps the audience develop and become better people.

Meet Mrs. Ambujavalli, IT cum Chennai Story teller, who has inspired many young buds.  With her talent she has mesmerised many children transporting them into a different world.  She tells she loves to work with children and her family is also giving the best support.  She is one who left IT profession for a short span for her children and then started to follow her passion.  She also plays instrument Veena which she learned from her mother.  She loves doing humorous stories rather than any other genres.

“The humorous story may be spun out to great length, and may wander around as much as it pleases, and arrive nowhere in particular; but the comic and witty stories must be brief and end with a point.  The humorous story bubbles gently along, the others burst”. She says her mentors are Mrs. Jeeva Raghunath and Dr. Eric Miller.  She says 90% of her audience were kids and that which she loves to do so.  She quit her IT job after working for years and she says she is satisfied with both the field, as an IT professional and as a Story teller.  She finds no difference in both, like there, she worked with her co-friends and now with children.  As a story teller, she never met any criticism but got more feedbacks from her audience. Her expressions, the gestures and the song she sings while narrating makes a great sense with her audience. Her main motive while narrating the stories is to load something in the mind of her listeners as a life lessons. She is the member of CHENNAI STORYTELLERS and SPRINGBOARD TALES! We started to discuss about women empowerment in today’s world.  She said that women should convince their family and not go against them.  Her moral support is her husband; he is the one to suggest her to go as a story teller. She believes that through stories she can add essence to this world.  Mrs.Ambuja’s storytelling has been broadcast by ALL INDIA RADIO. She has been featured in DD Podhigai TV’s “Illakiya Durbar” program. The way she admired the field of storytelling made her to achieve, to bring justice and to lead the path as a storyteller!


S.L.Preethi, S.Banupriya, T.lakshmi, Catherinejoyce, V.Kalki, Yeashisha Dincy, R.Iswarya




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