Sony ‘s 4th Edition of Global Math Challenge

Sony opens Free Registrations for the 4th Edition of Global Math Challenge (GMC), an online contest for Math lovers across age groups from 17th – 19th November, 2016.Participants can not only discover the fun in math, but also challenge their computational thinking skills – the ability to deal with problems of the 21st century, in a logical and creative way. With questions that focus on creative, logical thinking rather than formulas and a focus on the world stage, GMC provides something one doesn’t find in most textbooks. Registration is free, quick and easy.

More than 170,000 challengers from over 85 countries took part in the past 3 editions.GMC has previously been held three times worldwide, available online simultaneously in English, Japanese and Chinese.

About the Test

The test consists of multiple choice & number entry questions. Participants can try some sample questions that will help ease into the patterns of questions found in Global Math Challenge.Check out some fun Sample questions here:

Free Registration Process and Important Dates

1. One can create GMC account on the website: from now onwards until the challenge date.

2. Log in with GMC account and Register for free by choosing the Home plan.

3. The challenge will be held online November 17, 2016 at 09:00 - November 19, 2016 at 23:00.

Math lovers across India will be able to participate anywhere through a computer or tablet, and test their skills against other math fans across the globe.

8 Age-based Courses of Difficulty:

Global Math Challenge will be offered in 8 different courses of difficulty to best suit the education level of test takers, from the 1st grade in elementary school all the way up to the adult level. The advanced "Master" course is tailored to math enthusiasts as well as students attending integrated middle/high schools, and will feature the most challenging problem sets.

Participants can try some sample questions of each course on the GMC website ( if they are not sure which course to take.

The Result

With the Trial& Standard Plan, participants will be able to receive their score and global ranking shortly after the test.

Reward and Recognitions

All challengers who get a high score will also receive a special digital certificate which will include the GMC name, score, area and age.

GMC is managed by Sony Global Education and Supported by The Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee, The New York Academy of Sciences, Beijing Gifted & Talented Education Technology Center.

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Free Registration:

Sample puzzles:

About GMC:

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