Medha Maithri’s meetings
Medha Maithri, a voluntary association of approximately 20-25 educated and enlightened ladies of the city.The title says it all.They are seekers of knowledge hence, Medha Maithri. It is unique in the sense , our association is only to acquire and dessiminate knowledge.... more
Global India Diaspora -2
Dr Indira Ramanathan delves about slavery which was prevalent in ancient times and the countries which were recipients of Indian labor.... more
Global Indian Diaspora - 1
Both India and China,the two most populous nations of the world enjoy the unique distinction of being the large exporters of their population all over the world.Wherever they have gone,theyhavesuccessfully created little Indias and little Chinas says Dr Indira Ramanathan... more
Fix the Fixing
Spot fixing scandal has hit Indian Cricket yet again. Three cricketers, including one test cricketer, have been arrested by the Delhi Police for alleged spot fixing in the three games in IPL6... more
2011 in retrospect
The year 2011 would be remembered by posterity for the anti-corruption crusade, while it is hoped that 2012 would bring back economic prosperity, as we bid adieu to 2011... more
Casteless India – Not a daydream
Wondering why in this 21st century we do not give up our caste distinctions, columnist Paripooranam says it is education and education alone that can bring about the desired change in society... more
Avertable terrorism
Columnist Paripooranam is deeply disturbed by the latest terror strike in Delhi and says we should follow the example of the US which hasn’t seen a major terror strike after the 9/11 attack... more
Learning about education
We give you our latest columnist, Paripooranam, a young and active mind that is waiting to ignite society – she will be writing on a wide variety of topics that are current and impact our lives... more
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