LIVTEK ‘s luxury writing instruments

Every piece to reflect the spirit and magnitude of German craftsmanship


LIVTEK INDIA has launched Waldmann pens in India, featuring a unique interpretation of German luxury writing instruments comprising elegant pieces for both men and women. Painstakingly hand crafted in Germany from solid sterling silver, each ‘Waldmann’ writing instrument unites modern design with a touch of glamour. Practicing one’s penmanship becomes an absolute pleasure as each writing instrument priced upwards of INR 49,999/- going to INR 99,999/- is flawlessly balanced and available with a choice of flexible gold or Schmidt steel nibs, or bi-color two tone nibs, and an italicized angled nib as well (0.45mm cursive italic, ground for maximized line variation). Called The “WALDMANN TANGO" this is a well-crafted, solid sterling silver pen that combines classic and modern forms reminiscent of the grace of the tight embrace of the expressive Tango dance form. Additionally, there is the Solon Collection carrying a cosmopolitan design and symbolizing ‘knowledge is power’. The Solon in fact finds its way to Europe’s greatest statesmen - German Chancellor Ms. Angela Merkel who is known to use the same.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Vinod Krishna, Chairman, LIVTEK India said, “Our endeavor at Livtek India is to create a luxurious collection of Waldmann pens which are carefully hand-crafted and individually unique, yet priced at a specific point in order to make German craftsmanship accessible to a wide range of discerning clients and collectors”

In addition to the Tango and Solon there are a host of other collections including Xetra, Precieux, Vienna Engraving, Xetra Vienna, Cosmo, Edelfeder, Commander, Tuscany and many others, including the unisex pen Brio, and also the elegant Pocket for ladies wanting to add a touch of style.

The Waldmann collection is one which combines high-quality materials and craftsmanship with excellent technical functionality, shape and design. Despite being solid sterling, Waldmann is not an overly heavy pen and is a pleasure to write with. Finely produced by master craftsmen and distinguished by their classic elegance, these Sterling Silver pens are available in a range of eye catching designs to suit all tastes with quality and tradition being at the core of the design. The sterling gripping section is comfortably curved and warms up quickly to the touch. The filling system is international standard cartridge/converter.

Moreover, the pen comprising all its parts is 100% manufactured in Pforzheim, Germany, the traditional German jewelry metropolis located in the Black Forest, therefore all Waldmann pens proudly carry the mark ‘Made in Germany’.

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