Sani Peyarchi - November 15, 2011

Sani Peyarchi - November 15, 2011



This is for two-and-a-half years


General palan

The Lord of Karma, Saturn or Sani, is moving from one rasi to another and will stay in this rasi for another two-and-a-half years. Sani is moving to his friend’s house Thula, an exalted place, and, thus, will not trouble any one in general. There might be some minor problems in families, which can be solved by praying to Sani on Saturdays and worshipping at Tirunallur and Thirukollikadu.

Pray to Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa without fail. Sometimes, Guru parvai will nullify the malefic effects of Sani.


Palans for rasis





Sani is moving from 6th to 7th house.

Your problems will be nullified because of Guru parvai. Sani is in an exalted position. Some may have health problems like stomach disorders. Student will study well. Men will have to toil.

Pariharam - Worship hanuman on Saturdays.








Sani is in the 6th house

There will be shuba selavu (good expenditure) like marriage. Good time. Nothing to worry about. Students will do well. Women may have to burden responsibilities. Men will fare well in their job.

Pariharam - Worship Dakshinamurthy on Thursdays and recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.








Sani is in the 5th house

There will be disturbances in the family. Minor problems will arise but will be solved quickly. Some may have to go abroad for either studies or job. Students should work hard.

Pariharam - Distribute ellu sadham on Saturdays.









Sani in the 4th house. Arthashtama Sani.

Physical stress will be there. Students will study well. Women may have to slog. Men will also have to wok hard to achieve success.

Pariharam - Worship Venkatachalapathy on Saturdays.








Sani in 3rd house.

Best period for people of this rasi. Money flow will be good. Things will move smoothly and some may travel overseas.

Pariharam - Write Sriramajayam daily.










Sani is in 2nd house.

Be careful while conversing with people. Minor problems may arise in the family. Financial stress will be there. Long-pending money dues will be settled. Some may have to go abroad for some time.

Pariharam - Adorn Hanuman with vetrilai malai.








Sani is in 1st house

This is Sani’s friend’s house - he is in an exalted position here. Problems will be less. Women may have stomach problems.

Pariharam - Distribute food to physically handicapped.









Sani is in 12th house.

Financial strain will be there. Health will get affected. Some may go abroad for studies or job. Students will study well.

Pariharam - Worship Vinayaka on Saturdays.









Sani is in 11th house.

Very good time. Students will excel, Men will be recognised with awards. Women will have a happy time.

Pariharam – Worship your kula deivam.







Sani is in 10th house.

Physical stress will be there. Every venture will be successful. It is not a very good time for students. Women will get good name in job.

Pariharam - Sundara Kandam parayanam daily.









Sani is in the 9th house.

Father’s health may be affected. Unmarried persons will enter into wedlock. Good time for women and students.

Pariharam - worship Sri Raghavendra swami on Thursdays.









Sani is in the 8th house.

Take care of your health. Problems will be less. Students will get awards. Men will change jobs.

Pariharam - Offer vadamalai to Hanuman.







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