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Yearly palan for Kara

Yearly palan for Kara






Palan for the year

The Tamil year ‘Kara’ is born in Mesha rasi. One of the Navagrahas, nine planets in the Solar constellation — Guru (Brihaspathi) Jupiter is in Meena rasi and Saturn, Sani, is in Kanya rasi. Since the New Year dawns on Guru varam – Thursday - worshipping Dakshinamurthy, Raghavendra and spiritual gurus is beneficial.

The raja or leader of this year is Chandran.

The minister is Guru Bhagwan.

The lieutenant is Budhan.

The deity of ‘Kara’ year is Lakshmi Narayanan.

There will be plentiful rains and bumper crops. It is a good period for businessmen and students. The transit of Rahu and Kethu in May will be fruitful for women. In general, ‘Kara’ will be a prosperous year for all.

Rasi palan for Kara




Sani is in the 6th house, Guru, in 12th.

There will be shuba selavu in the family. Money flow will be good. People of this rasi should be brave, adaptable and adjust to everything.

Students will work hard and fare well.

Pariharam - Worship Murugan by visiting his temple and lighting a deepam.








Sani in 5th house and Guru in 11th position.

There will be some confusion in the family after Guru Peyarchi on May 18. Money flow will be good and people of this rasi will become god-fearing and visit temples. It is a good time for students and children. Women will have minor health setbacks.

Pariharam - Worship goddess Mahalakshmi on Fridays.








Sani is in 4th place and Guru, in 10th.

People of this rasi are soft-natured and mild. Your health will be affected for some time. Some may have to change jobs. Though there will be setbacks in business, yet no losses will be incurred.

Pariharam - Worship Mantralaya Mahan Raghavendra.








Sani is in the 5th position and Guru in the 9th.

Very good time for people of this rasi. Some may have to change job. Rahu-Kethu transit will ensure good money flow. Students will fare well. Women will be hale and healthy.

Pariharam - Worship Chandran (Moon) on Mondays.









Sani is in 2nd place and Guru in 8th

People of this rasi are very diligent with strong determination. You are domineering but will offer help to everyone. Students and businessmen will have a good time. There may be slight setbacks.

Pariharam - Worship Guru Bhagwan on Thursdays and Anjaneyar on Saturdays.










Sani is in the first position and Guru in 7th.

People of this rasi are undergoing Ezharai Naattu Sani, but Jupiter (Guru) nullifies the malefic effects of Sani. You should toil hard to achieve results. It pays rich dividends. Be careful while driving, students will score excellent marks.

Pariharam - Worship Guru Raghavendra on Thursdays and Anjeneyar on Saturdays.










Sani in the 12th position and Guru in 6th.

Since it is Ezharai Naattu Sani period (first two-and-a-half years) bad health will trouble you. Hard work will be rewarded. Women may face health problems, but students will shine well. Good money will make people of this rasi happy. Some may have to travel abroad.

Pariharam - Worship Venkatachalapathy on Saturdays and recite Sani Gayathri also.








Sani is in 11th place and Guru in 5th.

Very good period for people of this rasi. You will be entertaining unannounced guests. Businessmen will do well and so will students. Don’t talk too much as it may affect your life. Women’s health is satisfactory.

Pariharam - Worship deities at Kalahasthi temple in Kalahasthi, near Tirupati.









Sani is in 10th place and Guru, in 4th.

It is testing time till May. After the transit of Guru in May and Sani in October, you will have a golden time. You will acquire knowledge and students and businessmen will do well. There will be shuba selavu in the family.

Pariharam - Worship Dakshinamurthy on Thursdays.









Sani is in the 9th position and Guru in 3rd.

Businessmen will have an average time and students will be successful in their exams. Women will also have an average time, and they are advised to take care of their health.

Pariharam - Recite Sani Gayathri and worship Anjaneyar on Saturdays.










Sani is in 8th place and Guru in the 2nd.

Health will be slightly affected and some may have to nurse their relatives. Students will do exceptionally well. There will be good money flow and you will win with your intelligence.

Pariharam - Visit Tirupati or worship Venkatachalapathy in a nearby temple.








Sani is in 7th position and Guru in 1st.

Not a favourable time for people of this rasi. Women will be blessed with good health. Business people will have to work hard. You have to put in extra work to be successful.

Pariharam - Worship Lakshmi Narasimhar every day by reciting his sloka.







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