2011 Yearly Prediction

2011 Yearly Predictions

2011 Yearly Predictions




The year 2011 is born with Rahu and Sukran controlling the entire system and the year. They are planets denoting women Rahu – symbolises - 4 and Sukran – 6. Thus, this year will be a women’s year with many women leaders emerging. Any venture started by women will be successful. The year 2011 is a good year with students and professionals doing well. There will be copious rains. Pray to lord Srinivasa for health, wealth and prosperity




Mars is in the 10th house and Rahu in 9th house.

All pending work will be completed. You can approach authorities and all the long-pending jobs will be executed. Students will fare well.

Pariharam - Chant Mahalakshmi sloka, worship Anjaneyar on Saturdays.







Rahu in 8th house.

Be careful while talking to others. There will be physical stress. Health of the spouse will be affected. Every problem will be nullified by Jupiter. Students will study well.

Pariharam - Recite Sani and Rahu Gayathri.







Rahu in 7th house

Students will fare well, women will have a good time. Business transactions will be favorable. Fairly good time for men.

Pariharam - worship Lakshmi Narasimha and Amman on Tuesdays and Sundays.








Guru in the 9th house and Sani in the 3rd.

Unexpected expenditure will arise but it will be shuba selavu. It is a good time for people of this rasi. Some will have stress-related problems.

Pariharam - Recite Adhityahrudayam every morning.








Sani in the 2nd house, Guru in the 8th

Financial position will be good. Women may have to run around. Men will face office pressure. Students will do well.

Pariharam - Recite Rahu Gayathri and worship Lakshmi Narasimha every day.










Sani in the 1st position .It is seven-and-a-half years Sani period.

Money flow will not be up to the mark. Physical stress will bother them. Some may face health problems. Spouses will have health problems.

Pariharam - Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day. Read Srinivasa Mahathmiyam.










Sani in the 12th position.

Some may travel abroad. Financial position will be good. Some women may have health problems. Students may have to put in a lot of effort.

Pariharam - Worship Vinayaka on Fridays.







Sani in the 11th position.

A very good time for people of this rasi. Students will have recognition in the form of awards from school and college. One of the best periods in their lives.

Pariharam - Worship Lingam - Shiva.








Kethu in the 7th house.

Eye problems will occur but it will be cured soon. Physical stress will affect your health. Students will study well.

Pariharam - Worship Vinayaka on Fridays and Lakshmi Narasimha on Tuesdays.








Kethu in the 6th position.

People of this rasi will earn a good name but money inflow will be slow. Students should be attentive in class. Women will have to work hard at home and office.

Pariharam - Recite Rahu Gayathri









Sani in the 8th house and Kethu in the 5th.

There will be slow progress in work. People of this rasi should take care of their health. Students will study well.

Pariharam - Recite Venketasa Gadhiyam or recite Sani Gayathri.







Sani in the 7th house.

Some may face health problems. Women will have mental and physical stress. Students will have to put in more effort.

Pariharam - Recite Vinayakar Agaval.






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