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Iconic Indian culture
“The culture of India is a storehouse of treasures... more
Sadagopan- The stone man
Art is the best way of conveying the human expression .A Sculptor is the highly creative artist,who showcases the creative imagination into live form by three... more
Mahabalipuram is also called asMamallapuram. It is located in the Kancheepuramdistrict ,Tamil Nadu , India. It is about 60km from the city of Chennai. It is one of the ancient place in Tamil nadu. Once Mahabalipuram... more
Sasikala Venkatesan- Dancing her way to success
The term BHARATHAM is self – explanatory ‘Bha’ in bharatham stands for ‘bhava’, ‘ra’ stands for ‘raga’ and ‘tha’ stands for ‘thalam’. The archaic dance is presumed to be 2000 years old. It originated in South India. During the reign of marathas, the art form has attained its peak. The historical dance propagatedq... more
Dakshinachitra, an icon of cultural heritage
Dakshinachitra is an amazing cross culture living museum of art,architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts of the south India... more
11th yearVisesha Kala Poshakam Utsav”
The “Mylapore Trio” AMARNATH, SURENDRANATH, APARNA & SUGATHAN (Kalakshetra Alumni and Cultural Ambassadors of Mylapore) and Members of Sri Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial Foundation conducted the 11th Year Spectacular “Visesha Kala Poshakam Utsav... more
Valarga Villupattu
Few people are working very hard to revive and spread this folk art “VILLUPAATTU and one of them is Lion. K. Manimegalai Kandhasamy. who has been in this field for many years... more
Visesha Kala Poshakam Utsav
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Trailer of Neethane En Ponvasantham

Trailer of 'Nanban'