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The  journey of Playback Theater began in 1975 by Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas. Playback Theater is an original form of improvisational theater in which audience or group members come up with their stories from their lives and watch it come to life once again to relive the experience of it. For the first time The Playback Theater Company was rooted in Netherland and Ulster counties of New York State. Now Playback Theater has spread its influence over 50 countries in six continents. Through these years Playback theatre has ameliorated people whose issues are not voiced out to the world. Although Playback is not a therapeutic technique, it has made an effort to encourage individual from all kinds of culture to bring forth their story. Playback Theatre has been used in the fields like transitional justice, human rights, refugees and immigrants, disaster recovery, social work and much more. The most important essence of Playback Theater is spontaneity. But without a definite structure that spontaneity can quickly Collapse in to Chaos, Creativity into Confusion, and when the audience are not ready to open up, it’s the responsibility of the conductor to build up the atmosphere to make the audience feel secured and sure.

                                                   Speaking of Playback Theater in India particularly in Tamil Nadu, the journey of Playback Theater   started with the Sterling Playback Theater Company in 2000 by Ms. S. Cyril Alexander, is the founder of the school and has completed leadership course from the International School of Playback Theater. “Sterling Playback Theater Company” was inaugurated on 20th October, 2013 by Ms. Bev Hosking, International Playback Theater Trainer. In these 17 years, 50,000 individuals from different communities have experience of Sterling Playback Theater and have been benefitted through its forms. The people are given training on Playback Theater and the performers tend to specialize in one of several roles- Conductor, Actors and Musician. The actors here are special since they are been trained in such a way that, they act out the life moment of an audience who tells the story without any script or score. And adding to it there exist an invisible bond of understanding between the actors and the musicians so that the background music they contribute goes hand in hand with the enactment. In Dec 2017, there was a Master Workshop conducted by the school by Bev Hoskin and Glenda from 6th to 8th and following that was the demonstration of the forms at Dr. Sampoorna’s psycho therapy center on 9th and the 4th Annual day was grandly celebrated on 10th of dec. To experience the past and to relive your unforgettable moments of life Sterling Playback Theater is here.  


                                                                                               Racheal Daphne Manuel with P. Mohana, A. Ansalam Selestina, B.Aarthi, W. Monicka, A. Janani priyadharsini, S. Jagadeeshwari


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