Logic behind traditional practices

Certain traditional practices and beliefs have been passed down by our ancestors whom we, now, term as superstitious or false. Both possibilities of it either being hearsay or having logic are possible. We have tracked down some interesting ones for you.


       It may be queer to ponder why Indians prefer wearing silk clothes during rituals. We do not pay attention to the science behind it. They look traditional but that is not the only reason for its preference. The silk fabric aids in the absorption of good energy which is due to its ability to attract electromagnetic energy. This gives rise to positivity and results in calmness.

* BANGLES:                                        

A traditional woman is always visualized with bangles in her wrist of different hues. It serves more purpose than just adding beauty. Facts say that bones of women are weaker than that of men. Bangles made with metals like gold and silver absorbs and transmits energy which improves physiological functioning. The constant friction between bangles and the wrist area ensures good blood circulation which gives more reasons for wearing it.



        Toe rings presented to the bride by the groom during marriage has more science behind it. The life force or "prana" runs down till the toes which should be balanced for a healthy life. Rings made of metal are good conductors of energy. Worn on the second toe of the foot it connects and transfers energy to the uterus then to heart thereby regulating periods and strengthening the uterus.


            Everyone loves wearing earrings since it is unisexual. Physicians believe that pierced ears enhance intellect, thinking faculty and decision making. It cures Hernia and other ear related ailments. Grab some earrings and start using them.


           Anklets, of silver or gold, help in retaining energy. The metals produce electrical currents in the body which has a cooling effect. The pleasant sound gets rids of negativity for you.


           Women love using henna on their hands. The exquisite designs of henna on hands and legs have anti- bacterial and anti- fungal properties. It has a cooling effect and prevents nerves from becoming tense. Best results can be achieved by using fresh leaves’ paste.


          The ancestral custom of wearing Sindoor or vermilion is not for merely indicating the marital status of women. Sindoor, a mixture of lime, mercury, and turmeric, decreases blood pressure and also brings down anxiety and stress.     




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