Mahabalipuram is also called  asMamallapuram. It is located in the Kancheepuramdistrict ,TamilNadu , India. It is about 60km from the city of Chennai. It is one of the ancient place in Tamil nadu. Once Mahabalipuram was one of the  chief  sea port of Periplus of the 1stt century and this Mahabalipuram was the place from where the ancient traders of India sailed to others countries in the late 7th century.  Mahabalipuram became the port of the city of the great  pallava dynasty . Mahabalipuram  is now recognised as the WORLD HERITAGE SITE by UNESCO. The modern city of Mahabalipuram was established by the British raj in the year of 1872. Now a days Mahabalipuram is one of the center where they make many sculpture . Sculpture is one the ancient art of our country. As Mahabalipuram is one of the  tourist spot in Tamilnadu , and many foreigners visit this place to see the extraordinary  monument of the country and they allways get attracted to the art of making sculputer. One of the major occupation in this city is sculpture making .

Some of the sculptors do this job of  sculpture making genaraion after generation, and there even some people do this sculpture making  job out of practice and experience. There was a shop which make sculptureout of stone,  and the sculptures who were working there was a king of person which  learned this job out of practice and experience,when we went and asked sculptors (who makes stone sculpture)something about their job the sculptures told us that they get the stones from the quarry of Salem, Madurai andKrishnagiri and they do this job .They told us that, they will do all kinds of sculptures. They will  also take the order of the foreigners and do the sculpture . They said that it takes about 3 months to complete a full sculpture. They also do and give it to the temples  ,but according to the country the cost of the statue will differ. They have to work for 8 to 10 hours of the day to complete a sculpture within 3 months . They also have some statue which are already done and kept,and they also take the order from the customers .They also told that they cut the stone only with the branded cutter so that the shape will be correct and for the shining they put polish which is till 1500(highest shining quality) after that the stone gets a nice shine and looks attractive. We learned many things about our ancient art of sculpture from them.











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