India culture in all its dimensions

India is a vast country, which upholds various cultures together and forms a beautiful place to live in. Culture may be in the form of Art, Literature, Language, Religion or community. Each culture marks up with its own unique features and brings out the best form of it. Our Ancestors, were very strongly connected with the Nature and lived along with it and knew its essence, and did always have a better and wider path to follow up the culture. Things were different those days when people used to come forward forgetting all their conflicts and issues and celebrated all the festivals together in their best cultural way. Culture is the one which bears resemblance to our identity. People all over the world appraise their idiosyncratic culture. All are bound to and are practical in a particular kind of custom and Tradition from their Ancestors. Today, the perspective of culture has been altered for the people of India have begun to obliterate their own cultural significance. Modernisation had led to the development of Science and Technology were youngsters show much interest in the modern culture. Indian culture has its own significance. But these significances were taught to youngsters not in the name of customs but as science. This makes them unaware of our own culture. For example:  Keeping Sandal along with Rosewater on the forehead reduces heat from our body. This comes under Tradition but it is seen as science. They have also begun to chase the western culture and all the other aspects. Albeit, it may be a ample awe even to their own folk for the youth of Tamil nadu (south India) have become one and have fought in unison for the Re-establishment of their culture- “Jallikattu” and have got their glory back. The realm demurred for the same cause and succeeds in it and not is there Hope flown all over India about the formation of their own Culture. We may accept or adopt a different culture, but our Singularity lies in our own way of cultural and traditional setup.  . Culture brings out the ways for the connectivity of various aspects together, it does also makes one to think upon a deeper and a better level and with this one does leads a very happy and peaceful life.

1. Nirmala.S,

2.Asmath fathima,








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