It was a Historic day indeed for the Thandarai Vaidiar Family of Mylapore and the Grand Old Lady the family Smt. Parvathi Ammal to celebrate the 100th Anniversary (1917 – 2017) of dedicating the Silver Kavacham to Adhikaara Nandhi Vahana of Kapaleeswar Temple, Mylapore. A very special pooja in a grand manner was organized this year to commemorate the occasion by this Thandarai Vaidiar family on the previous night of the Adhikaara Nandhi Utsavam. Chi. Sugathan Mohandass, The Secretary of Sri Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial Foundation and fostered by “The Mylapore Trio” – S. Amarnath, S. Surendranath, S. Aparna, performed a “Divine Dance” in front of “Adhikaara Nandhi Vahanam” on [3-4-2017] for the famous Song “Kaana Kankodi Vendum… Adhikaara Nandhi Sevaithanai” in a veryvibrant and grand manner immensely soaked in Bhakthi with his body, mind and soul into it. (a Tamizh Keertanam composed by Shri. Papanasam Sivan, specifically on this “Adhikaara Nandhi Utsavam” on the 3rd day of Panguni Brahmotsavam of Lord Kapaleeswara - Mylapore).


This Family has been closely associated with The Mylapore Trio’s Foster Parents Late Smt. Sumukhi, Shri. Rajasekharan & Grand Mother Smt. Nagammal for many generations. All the girls of the Donor’s family were the students of Smt. Sumukhi, who was the Headmistress of the Lady Sivaswami Aiyar Girls High School, Mylapore. The present Grand Old Lady of this family Smt. Parvathi Ammal is a Nonagenarian, who is a Loving Grand Mother and a Well Wisher of the Mylapore Trio. Hence, this Blessed & Rare opportunity for Chi. Sugathan to perform on this auspicious occasion. This is the 5th consecutive year he is performing in front of this Silver Adhikaara Nandi Vahana with great dedication, piety, veneration and reverence.


He felt that it was a divine experience to perform in front of “Adhikara Nandhi”, more so for that very apt song on this historic day. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva especially Lord Kapaleeswara and his affinity towards Mylapore is enigmaticand hence this soulful dedication to Lord Kapaleeswara - a great benediction bestowed upon him. It was a blissfulexperience for the devotees since it was a heavenly dance performance.


He also danced to the popular song “Sivagama Sundari”  in a very lively manner and created a niche for himself in Divine Dancing for God. The devotees at Kapali temple not only had a darshan of Adhikaara Nandi Vahanam but also the divine dance of the Sugathan in complete adoration. Adding on to the pious flavour. Sugathan performed with gorgeous dance costume which was a visual treat to one and all. The audience were spellbound and gave a thumping applause to his dancing.  Smt. Parvathi Ammal, the nonenagerian  showered her blessings on him by garlanding him and presenting  a miniature model of  Adhikara Nandhi Vahana ( the first piece of the doll ) to signify the memorable event.


Our Foundation Children Chi. Karthik and Kum. Vinitha rendered few popular and rare songs on Lord Kapaleeswara and Karpagambalwhich were very brilliant. Vinitha’s “Kaapathaaraiya Kapaleeswara” was heavenly and soul stirring. It is an exclusive song rendered by her on the presiding deity of Mylapore which is always her magnaum opus.  Karthik sang “Karpagambike” on Karpagambal which is another composition of a rare genre. His rendering was mellifluous choked with devotion and engulfed with emotions. It was a great opputunity for these three children to be a part of the Centenary Celebrations of Velli Adhikaara Nandhi. The audience were awe with their godly rendition and applauded them for their much meaningful keerthanais.


Earlier the  family of Thandarai Vaidyar numbering more than 100 came in procession with “Seer” – an offering with variety of Garlands, flowers, pooja items, eatables, fruits, snacks, gifts etc, circumabulating the four mada streets of the temple and offered to the Adhikara Nandhi. After alankaram, Aarathi was performed and prasadam was distributed to the huge gathering of devotees.

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