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Unforgettable Cartoon characters

Feeling stressed ?  yes, then have a look at this, will revive your childhood memories.  

The word “cartoon” not only delights children but also REJUVENATES  the child in every adult.  Everyone of us would have had a special attachment to certain special characters.  Some of these characters would have had been our childhood buddies.  Nowadays, television floods with cartoons of vivid types and varities, yet there are certain remarkable characters that could never be forgotten.  Here are such unforgettable cartoon characters. 


             This character that loves eating spinach was created by Elzie Segar in 1929.  This character got it’s inspiration from a real life sailor “Frank Rocky Fiegel”.  Popey’s fondness for smoking and fighting also drew it’s inspiration from Fiegel.  This cartoon character also owns a statue of it’s own in crystal city of Texas.  Popey is well-known for his song.  “I’m popey the sailor Man, popey the sailor man”. 

Micky mouse:

             Red shorts and Large yellow shoes characterizes Mickey Mouse.  Micky Mouse is a combined creation of Walt Disney and Ub. Iwerks.  He was created in the year 1928.  Micky Mouse owes it’s inspiration to Disney’s pet mouse.  Micky Mouse shoulders the privilege of ‘the first cartoon character to ever speak’.  Another exiciting fact about Mickey Mouse is that, Mickey is a mouse with only four fingers.  Mickey is also the mascot of Walt Disney company.

Tom and jerry: 

            A series of short film created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbara introduced the famous cartoon duo Tom and Jerry.  The entire series is based around slapstick comedy.  Tom and Jerry series were nominated thirteen times for oscar awards out of which they won seven.  These duo were at first named Jasper and Jinx, now famous worldwide as “Tom and Jerry”.  This grey and white domestic cat and small brown house mouse still retain fans worldwide. 


           This talking Brown Great Dane was the creation of Joe Ruby and Kenspears.  The original series was named “Scooby-Doo where are you”.  This cartoon character suffers frin a speech disorder called “rhotocism” which is responsible for its excessive use of ‘R’.  Scooby is usually accompanied by Fred Jones, Daphe Blake, Velma Dinkley, Norvilled “Shaggy” Rogers.  This entire series deals with investigation of mysteries which makes it more interesting to watch. 

Cartoons always retain a significance of their own.  These characters had made us laugh, enjoy and cherish our childhood.Though technology has highly improved these days Cartoons still have a great hold on today's children.Colouful cartoons always attracts us no matter how old we grow.


A.Vidhyabharathi, I.Sharmila,K.Kanmani,S.Revathi,R.Kamalishree,S.Roshan Fathima,J.P.Nivedidha













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