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Natyarpanam to Adhikaara Nandhi”- by Sugathan Mohandass

The Famous Adhikara Nandhi Festival of Lord Kapaleeswarar is celebrated in Mylapore on the Third Day of the annual Brahmotsavam. Every year, a special Pooja is organized on the previous day night to “Adhikaara Nandhi”   by the “Thandarai Vaidhyar” Family – The Donors of the Silver Kavacham of the Adhikaara Nandhi Vahanam in the year 1917. It is the 101st year celebration this year. This Family has been closely associated with The Mylapore Trio’s (S. Amarnath, S. Surendranath, S. Aparna) Foster Parents Late. Smt. Sumukhi, Shri. Rajasekharan & Grand Mother Smt. Nagammal for many generations and Sugathan is fostered by “The Mylapore Trio”. Hence a Rare and Exclusive opportunity is offered to  Sugathan to perform on this auspicious occasion.


On Saturday, 23rd March 2018, it was Festive mood in Mylapore and the Mamas and Mamis had gathered in front of the Silver bedecked Adhikaara Nandhi Vahanam at Kapaleeswarar Temple in the cool late evening to watch the mesmerizing dance of Shri. Sugathan Mohandass – Kalakshetra Alumnus and The Secretary of Sri Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial Foundation. It was the 6th consecuive year of Sugathan to offer his “Natyarpanam” to “Adhikaara Nandhi” through his soulful dance. He Stunningly performed for two songs… “Kaana Kankodi Vendum… Adhikaara Nandhi Sevaithanai” (a Tamizh Keertanam composed by Shri. Papanasam Sivan on Lord Kapaleeswarar and Goddess Karpagambal - Mylapore) and for a Tamil Lyric on Kapali and Karpagam composed by Smt. Revathy Shankaran. The spell bound audience who have been his fans for these many years were enthralled in his Bakthi Bhava and Bakthi Rasa. The Mylaporeans not only had a darshan of Adhikaara Nandi Vahanam but also got themselves immersed in the divine dance of the Sugathan, in complete veneration.

         Sugathan has created a niche for himself in Divine Dancing for Gods in various temples on special occasions exclusively given to him. Sugathan wishes & prays to continue his divine dancing throughout for the Almighty….


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