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It was a Red Letter Day for the Versatile Artist Chi. Sugathan Mohandass (Secretary- Sri Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial foundation and Kalakshetra alumnus) as he dedicated his “Natya Samarpanam” to his  Guru late Smt. Thangamani Teacher of Kalakshetra Foundation, on her 3rd Remembrance Day. Sugathan performed all Urupadies taught by his guru. He began his Bharatanatyam Repertoire with a   lively Alarippu rendered in Thangamani Teacher’s recorded Voice to mark a salutation and continued by a beautiful Padavarnam of Ponniaih Pillai (Thanjavur brothers) set in Bhairavi Raagam & Roopaka Taalam and a choreography of Smt. Sarada Hoffman of Kalakshetra. This was followed by an enchanting Padam “Nithiraiyil Soppanathil” in Panthuvarali Raagam & Aadi Taalam and a musical composition of Ghanam Krishna Iyer, which engulfed the audience. He concluded with a very apt and fascinating Kalakshetra Thillana composed by MD Ramanathan in Bilahari Raagam & Aadi Taalam and a  choreography of Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale. Sugathan’s Dedication of Dance was a dream comes true. His Bhaavam was amazing and Abhinayam was enthralling and Jathis were seamless. His Bhakthi Bhavaam was matchless, Nayaki Bhava in the Padam was captivating… As one of the Guests of Honour opined “No female can do better in expressing Virahataapam than him.” Such was his involvement and devotion to dance. His costume and jewelry was really gorgeous and exquisite specially designated to suit the magnificent Stage Décor. On the whole his entire dance repertoire was spectacular, splendid and stunning. The Hall Full audience was totally engrossed and enthralled in his Naatyam and the solid 1-hour and 15 mints. passed in a wink of an eye. At the end of the day, it was a very soul satisfying performance by Sugathan and a historic conglomeration and reunion of Old and New Foundation Members, after a decade – all gathered under one roof only to honour Sugathan’s invitation and to bless him. A very memorable evening indeed.

Smt. Vasundara Thomas (Retd. Professor of Dance) from Kalakshetra Foundation was the Chief Guest of the Evening. At the outset she praised the “Mylapore Trio” for dedicating themselves in spreading cultural values as Real Alumuni of Kalakshetra and recalled her 4 decade long association with them and nostalgic memories. She reminiscence her relationship with Late Smt.Thangamani Teacher and her dedication towards teaching. She complimented Sugathan for his unstinted, impeccable Guru Bhakti, even 3 years after her physical demise, which is a rare quality among students of this generation. Sugathan made it, when none other disciples have even thought of such an attempt in a dance offering to her. She also congratulated for his excellent performance with a Live Orchestra by young artists of Kalakshetra. He is a multitalented dancer who is into Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam and Kathakali.

The Mylapore Trio and Sugathan of Sri Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial Foundation conducted their 138th Monthly Concert “Kala Poshakam” in Narada Gana Sabha on 27th July 2017. They have opened the second phase of “Kala Poshakam” at Narada Gana Sabha after a short stint, which is a FREE PLATFORM for artists of Chennai to show case their talent in any art form all through the year. The programme began auspiciously with “Veda Gosham” by young boys.

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More Dance and Drama
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