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Dancer Balasaraswati remembered

On the eve of the 28th death anniversary of legendary Bharatanatyam exponent T. Balasaraswathi, a dance homage, Natya Samaradhanam, was presented at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai.

Acclaimed dancer Sailaja, Priyadarshini Govind, Brigha Brassel, Sreekala Bharath, Manjari Rajendra Kumar and Sushma Ranganathan came together on a common platform to interact, exchange ideas on the artistic approach within the traditional format. This production was conceived and choreographed by dancer Nandini Ramani, expert committee member of Sangeetha Nataka Academy and managing trustee of Dr V Raghavan Centre for Performing Arts.

The blending of different styles, bringing the essence of unity in diversity in their presentation, was well choreographed by Nandini Ramani.

The jathi and swara that the group wove for ‘Samiyai Azaithu Vadi’ in raga Khamas, a composition of the Tanjore Quartet, were masterly and the abhinayas were performed effectively. However, some of the jathi and swaras were the original choreography of Kandappa, mentor of Balasaraswathi, and K G Ganesan, son of Kandappa.

All the dancers conveyed the lyrics with high professional finesse.

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