Trichur Brothers’ outstanding RTP

Trichur Brothers gave an interesting and fulfilling concert on January 6, 2013 morning at Bharat Kalachar, accompanied by Mullaivasal Chandramouli, Trichur Mohan and B S Purushottaman.

They commenced with a brisk Vasantha raga Varnam, where the purvangas were sung in vilamba kalam and then in thisram and in madhyama kala, and then the uttaranga - Charanam was smoothly presented in madhyama kalam.

Next, they presented a sprightly Ganesha kriti of Muthuswami Dikshithar, ‘Ekadantham’, embellished with a few rounds of swara sallies. ‘Chinthaya Maakanda’, the Prithvi kshetra kriti on Shiva at Kanchi, had an elaborate niraval session at ‘Mangala kara’ and the brothers did well to refrain from singing swaras, to leave the memory of Somaskanda's soulful smile ‘mandahaasa vadanam’ lingering in the rasikas’ minds.

‘Sri Kaantha Neeyada’ (Bhavapriya) with peppy kalpanaswaras proved a good foil to showcase the quartette raga RTP in 4 Ranjanis (Ranjani, Sriranjani, Janaranjani and Karnaranjani). Srikrishna and Ramkumar took turns in elaborating the 4 ragas and violinist Chandramouli came up with a quickfire repartee, which was very relevant in that the order of elaboration was reversed.

In both raga presentation and thanam, it was verily a pravaham - as articulated in the words of Smt YGP “a continuous, smooth and torrential and a confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati”.

As these lovely exchanges and elaborations consumed time, the Pallavi itself had to be shortened a bit, with a few rounds of introduction and lively swara exchanges in all the ragas, and a significant trikalam - tishram vyavaharam (containing all 4 ragas) at the end.

Then came another pravaha exchange in the form of a tuneful naada and crisp stroke-filled thani, with khanda nadai highlighted by Mohan and a brief but remarkable pancha nadai korvai by Purushottaman.

There was never a dull moment in the entire concert, which concluded with a meditative bhajan in Sarasangi and the regular mangalam.

With excellent shruti adherence and contrasting yet blending voices (Srikrishna’s tenor and Ramkumar’s tenor-bass) and, more importantly, sadbhakthi - truly felt bhakti - and shraddha - enormous respect for sahithyam and raga bhavam and layam, the Trichur Brothers are showing great success at fulfilling the genuine aspirations of concert lovers, who will ensure that the entire team soon becomes a world resounding success.

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