Sandeep’s scintillating Sama

Sandeep Narayan, a shining star in the musical firmament, representing GenNext, enthralled the audience at the Hanumath Jayanthi music festival at Nanganallur 32 ft Anjaneyar temple and proved that he has been admirably tutored by eminent vocalist Sanjay Subramaniam.

After warming up with ‘Enthoprema’ a Varnam in Surutti, he sailed smoothly to the evergreen Mohanam for ‘Narasimha’, which was packed with kalpana swaras and it sounded like a cloudburst.

His exhaustive sketch of Karaharapriya for ‘Appanavatharitha Kathamritham’ by Papanasam Sivan, was garnished with manodharma. His niraval of ‘Thriloka Mangala Kara Murthi’ was a blend of melody and bhakthi. His brigas reflected his grooming.

Sandeep’s delineation of Sama for ‘Santhamulekha’, which was the main piece, was exemplary. His rendition of ‘Santhamulekha’ of Tyagaraja was nonpareil. It was embellished with swaras and the bhava-laden phrases were erudite. He brought out the contours of the raga in pristine form.

He breathed life into the ragas and bhakti bhava surfaced in every piece.

Violinist Mullaivasal Chandramouli was dynamic and followed the vocalist with grace. His exposition of Sama was a class apart.

Madipakkam Suresh on the mridangam was energetic and followed the vocalist with enthusiasm.

Guruprasad on the ghatam played with creative flourishes.

Their tani was erudite and they painted a rich rhythmic landscape.

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